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To obtain your Florida drivers license, also known as a Class E Driver license, you must satisfy several requirements.

a minimum age of sixteen.
finish the drug- and alcohol-education program.
Pass a hearing and vision test.
Pass the Class E Knowledge Test.
The Class E Driving Skills Test must be passed.
Give all necessary documentation, including proof of identity.
Additional conditions apply if you are under the age of 18.

florida drivers license
florida drivers license

A learner’s permit must be held for at least 12 months or until the age of 18, whichever comes first.
Within a year of receiving your learner’s permit, you cannot be found guilty of any traffic offenses. But if you pass a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course, a single moving violation won’t prevent you from receiving your license.
A minimum of 10 hours of your 50 total driving hours must be at night. Record your hours using the Learner’s License Driving Log. A parental declaration confirming your driving experience is required.
finish the drug- and alcohol-education course.
The risks and repercussions of driving while intoxicated by alcohol or illicit drugs are covered in a course required of new drivers. The course is also referred to as Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) or a Drug, Alcohol, and Traffic Awareness (DATA) course.

Using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can finish the four-hour DATA course online.

The requirement for a drug and alcohol education course has already been satisfied if you have a learner’s permit. Additionally, if you currently hold or previously held a driver’s license from another state, nation, or jurisdiction, you are not required to take the course.

Pass the vision and hearing tests. Buy a Florida driver’s license now within 48 hours .

To obtain your driver’s license, you must pass vision and hearing exams. A restriction will be added to your license requiring you to always wear corrective lenses (contacts or glasses) or a hearing aid while driving if you need to wear them to pass the test.

Visit a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) location to take the vision and hearing tests in person.

Success on the Class E Knowledge Test.
To obtain your Florida driver’s license, you must also pass the Class E Knowledge Exam. You have already fulfilled this requirement if you passed the test for your learner’s permit because it is the same exam.

The test covers safe driving techniques, Florida traffic laws, and traffic regulations. It is sometimes referred to as the written test, but there is no writing and it is multiple choice. To pass, you must receive at least an 80 percent (40 correct answers out of 50) score. You can find all the information you need to pass the test in the Official Florida Driver License Handbook.

If you can present a legitimate driver’s license from one of the following states, you are exempt from taking the exam.

America (including all of its territories and possessions).





the Taiwanese Republic of China.

Korean Peninsula.

In order to avoid giving up your current Canadian driver’s license, you must pass the Class E Knowledge Exam. You must give up any prior state-issued or U.S.-issued licenses when you receive your new driver’s license. S. territories.

Pass the driving test in Florida.
The Florida driving exam, also referred to as the Class E Driving Skills Test, is a behind-the-wheel driving test that needs to be under the supervision of a driving examiner, typically at a FLHSMV location.

The FLHSMV Online Appointment Service and Information System (OASIS) enables you to make a test appointment. You must drive an insured vehicle with a current license plate to the test in order to qualify. You can take the driving test if the car passes a safety inspection.

The following abilities are tested during the driving test.

taking the right stance for driving.
stepping back.
turning while indicating.
arriving at a crossing.

maintaining a proper lane.

keeping a good distance behind.


paying attention to stop signs and traffic signals.

suddenly stopping.

respecting the right-of-way.
accomplishing a three-point turn.

Park in a straight line.

parking on an incline.
For more information on each driving maneuver, consult the manual that came with your driver’s license.

If you can present a valid driver’s license from any of the following, you are exempt from the driving skills test.

U.S. military.

America (including all of its territories and possessions).




Taiwan, the Republic of China.


In order to avoid surrendering your Canadian driver’s license, you must pass the Class E Driving Skills Test.

Give the necessary documentation.
When getting your driver’s license, you must bring the following paperwork with you to the FLHSMV location.

ID documentation is required.

two documents proving your home address.
Social Security Number documentation.
A state-issued birth certificate copy, an original birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, or a U.S. passport are all acceptable forms of identification. S. Passport. Birth certificates from hospitals and copies of your birth certificate are not accepted.

You can submit a bill with your address or a school transcript from the most recent academic year as your documentation of residential address. If you don’t have these records, you can submit a Certification of Address Form and two addresses for a parent, stepparent, legal guardian, or a roommate.

Your original Social Security card or a W-2 tax form containing your Social Security number can be used as proof of your social security number.

On the FLHSMV website, go to the What to Bring page for a comprehensive list of the identification documents you can use. You can find comprehensive information on the necessary documents for the U.S. there.
Canadians, citizens, immigrants, and non-immigrants.

Minors must provide additional documentation.
Additional documentation, such as: may be required if you are under the age of 18.

Form of Parental Consent.
Form for Parent Proctoring.
Form for Certification of Minor Driving Experience.
A Parental Consent Form must be submitted by minor children who are not married as proof that they have permission to obtain a license. A parent or legal guardian must complete a Parent Proctoring Form, which is required of those who took the Class E Knowledge Exam online.

A Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form is required if you currently hold a learner’s permit. This form attests that you have the minimum 50 hours of necessary driving experience.

A notary public or a driver’s license examiner from the FLHSMV must be present when signing any of the aforementioned documents.

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